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Custom fields for JIRA projects

Profields allows all users to add and manage custom project-specific information fields on JIRA projects, greatly expanding the ability to better organize projects according to the information contained in the new fields.

Key features

Custom Project-specific Fields

It helps you add customized project-specific information fields to any JIRA project by means of a built-in field manager that allows to configure as many fields as needed.

Your own fields layout

If you create custom fields, you should be able to specify your fields layout. This is why we came up with Profields, a tool that lets you design your layout so you can visualize the information the way you wish.

Powerful for project portfolio management

It allows you to enhance and extend the information and details of every project by giving you the possibility to include your own details and specificities to default JIRA fields.

Search and filter through your projects

Thanks to Profields, the Server users will be able to search and filter the information they are looking for at any time throughout all the JIRA projects at which they have access to.

Create layouts to reuse between projects

This tool lets you create fields for a specific JIRA project can be used subsequently on other projects. Now it is possible for you to have all your projects with the same customized layout.

Choose who can organize the fields and layouts

You can choose if you let all JIRA project administrators manage Profields or if, on the contrary, you prefer to select a group of administrators to use this tool. Whatever suits you best!


We are known for providing personalized solutions and thus, we offer a REST API that will allow you to integrate Profields with your own system or add-on.

What Customers say

How can Profields help you

Profields helps you maintain your JIRA portfolio organized. You can assign every project to a different supplier or to a different team while, at the same time, storing this information in the project.

It makes it easier for every project manager in your company to know when the deadlines of their projects are exactly. In fact, Profields includes this information in the JIRA projects they have assigned.

Profields enables you to organize all your projects equally, regardless of the development tool they have because a software team leader can manage projects in many technologies: JIRA, Java, .NET and Node.JS, among others. Technology should never become a barrier.

It allows you to store the budgets of your projects right in the very same JIRA project. You can finally forget about the troubles of having it in a separated document or Confluence page.

Proud of our customers


Cloud pricing

  • 10 users: $5
  • 15 users: $10
  • 25 users: $20
  • 50 users: $35
  • 100 users: $70
  • 100 users: $70
  • 500 users: $150
  • 2000 users: $250

Cloud license details

  • Cloud License

    License and maintenance. Profields cloud licenses are hosted by DEISER. Your subscription automatically renews every month. Annual pricing is also available. You are eligible for support and automatic version updates as long as your subscription is active.

Server pricing

  • 10 users: $10
  • 25 users: $200
  • 50 users: $400
  • 100 users: $800
  • 250 users: $1400
  • 500 users: $2000
  • 2000 users: $3200
  • 10000 users: $4000
  • + 10000 users: $4800

Server license details


    License and maintenance. Server licenses are hosted on your servers. Licenses are perpetual and the initial purchase includes 12 months of maintenance (support and version updates included). 30-Day Money Back Guarantee We offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. Discounts for Academic Institutions Purchase and renewal is 50% off if you have an academic license. Free for Open Source and Non-Profits Server add-ons are free for community and open-source licenses.

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