Jira Project Reporting Academy

The objective of the Jira Project Reporting Academy is to make you proficient in the creation of custom reports with data from your issues and projects in Jira.

You will learn how to exploit the integration of Profields and eazyBI to combine the core value proposition of these two top-selling apps in the Atlassian Marketplace and exceed the native limitations of Jira. As soon as you centralize the information about your Jira projects, you should be able to create the visualizations you need!


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Throughout the Academy, you’ll learn:

How to set Profields as a source for project and cross-project information in eazyBI

How to combine issue-level information with project-level information

How to create powerful and memorable visualizations

How to build reports that help you make decisions and track your projects

...additionally, you will need:

An active license of 
eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira Cloud or eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira (for Jira Server and Data Center). Again, a 30-day evaluation license should suffice for the sake of the Academy. 

Not an active user of Profields or eazyBI? Taking the 
Academy might be a good guide for evaluating these products and see whether they promise enough value for your reporting needs (we promise they will!).


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Following the steps in the Academy shouldn’t take you longer than 2 hours of work for each class, for a total of 8 hours. However, we’ll suggest additional exercises so you can keep practicing until you can build whatever it is that you need.



The instructor

Fabio Genovese aka Artigiano del Software is passionate for History, Medieval and old school fencing, and Computer Science. He has been writing about Atlassian products since 2013 in his Italian blog. He's also exploring new ways to use Atlassian products in various environments and scenarios, following his consulting experience in different customers.