A guide to get Jira project data, keep them controlled, and lead them to success

A unique way to control Jira project data

Common users lose control of projects in Jira due to not having the different project types controlled across the whole portfolio. There's a lot of information to handle. Besides, there are a lot of means to manage Issues, but not too many to track projects, and this situation might lead to chaos. Download this guide and learn to efficiently track, control, and lead projects.

Learn how to track your Jira project information

Through this guide, you'll get the necessary tools to answer the following questions about your projects in Jira:

  • What's the closest project deadline?
  • Why are some projects already delivered still open?
  • What's within the project portfolio?
  • How to collaborate with other stakeholders on different projects?
  • What's the current status of my projects? and more...

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