Learn how automating Jira projects will save you time:

By downloading this e-book compiling seven use cases when integrating Automation for Jira and Projectrak, you will learn to:

  • Automate the creation of a task for the Jira Admin when a project is ready to archive
  • Automate notifications for Jira Admins when a project has been deleted
  • How to automatically update the budget status of a project
  • Automatically update the status value of a project every time an issue within is updated
  • Automatically update the value of the project status every time a new project is created
  • How to automate the update of the project field "Country" when a project is created, and the Project Lead is an specific user
  • Automate the update of the project status value when an issue is created
automating jira projects


Start automating project-related actions in a powerful, simple and flexible way: