Automate the administration
of on-demand service management

Are you using Jira for tracking consultant time, but you have trouble creating
a unified overview of the time and value you deliver to your customers?
Do you have an increasing number of customers requesting you to provide
support on-demand?

Follow this step-by-step guide and set up a unified platform with automated
information about each of your customers that will save you and your team
a ton of time and misunderstandings with customers!

✓ A proven process to set up the control tower for tracking on-demand customers
✓ An example of project layout that you can apply to each of your customers
✓ Automated metrics with examples of scripts that are ready to paste
✓ Increased response rate
✓ A review how to use different areas of Projectrak to reap the benefits

How to Set up Support Packs in Jira for On-Demand Service Management

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Who can benefit from the tool:

Besides the different roles involved, companies who can benefit from the approach include: 

Conusltants_Mesa de trabajo 1



Consultants using Jira
as their corporate tool




Atlassian Solution Partners

Management_consultants_Mesa de trabajo 1


Management Consultants that recommend Jira for digital transformation processes


How you will benefit: 





Cut time for meetings a 50%





Centralize data in a single location 





Spend 80% less time in managing customer relations





Be proactive in how you aproach customers