We produce results by bringing together objectives, people, processes, and tools.

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We simplify project management, enhance team collaboration, and increase productivity.

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We keep your Atlassian tools available and easy to use with reliable technical support.

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Flexible licensing options to access the features you need in your Atlassian tools.

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Take control of your projects in Jira.

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Export Jira issues safely without losing data.

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Project budget management and cost tracking for Jira.

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Customer sentiment and emotion analysis.

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About us

We help companies grow with Atlassian in a sustainable way.

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More than 20 years finding the best software solutions for all teams.

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Join Deiser

We are building a great team of professionals. Do you want to join us?

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Learn, network, and engage with industry leaders and Atlassian ecosystem components.

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"Por las nubes de Atlassian": All the things surrounding Atlassian Cloud in Spanish.

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Enrich your knowledge about Atlassian products and our Marketplace apps.

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Supplements for your success

It is often said that happiness is the sum of little things, that is why we care so that people do what they love to, in the best possible environment and with the best possible conditions. The more, the better.

DEISER perks beneficios remote working trabajo remoto

Work from home

The only limit is common sense, and doing your job as well as if you were at the office. This is because freedom comes with the same responsibility.

DEISER perks beneficios horario flexible timetable

Flexible Schedule

Be water, my friend! At Deiser there is no fixed schedule. You organize in the best possible way to be coordinated and aligned with your team.

DEISER perks beneficios salary salario

Competitive salary

If you are the person we are looking for, the salary won’t be a problem. We want you to be comfortable and, we do our best to review it annually.

DEISER perks beneficios cotinuous traning

Continuous training

You will have the training you need to continue to be a rock star in your job. We pay for job-related certifications and you'll also have unlimited access to Udemy Business.

DEISER perks beneficios vacaciones vacations

27 days of vacations

No, it is not a typo! At Deiser, we take vacation very seriously. You will have 24 labor days to choose from, in addition to the 24th and 31st of December and your birthday.

DEISER perks beneficios summer timetable horario de verano

Summer Schedule

We love summer! That is why, from 1st July to 31st August, our schedule ends at 15h so you can enjoy the sun and a daily bath in the pool.

DEISER perks beneficios eventos


You will attend to events with the responsibility to share what you learned and bring something typical back from the place… something to eat!

DEISER perks beneficios fridays viernes intensivos

Intensive Fridays

At Deiser, we make weekends longer! Every Friday throughout the year, the schedule ends at 15h, so you can get the most of your weekends!

DEISER Coworking

Coworking Space

Come whenever you want! In Madrid or Barcelona, you can use our modern coworking spaces, equipped with several terraces, meeting rooms, and a kitchen with coffee, tea, and cookies.

DEISER perks retribución flexible

Flexible pay

Transport aids, ticket restaurants, childcare vouchers or private medical insurance? you are free to decide the amount you want to devote to them. Besides, you will receive tax benefits.

DEISER perks beneficios camisetas t-shirts

Lots of t-shirts!

We love T-shirts, a lot! So start thinking about where to store them. Be warned: you won’t have enough space at home!

Be the catalyst to success

We had been told that work is not expected to be fun or inspiring or gratifying, it is just work, at Deiser we decided to change that vision for a completely different one and make it real each day, by creating an environment and culture where people feel happy and aim to better themselves, where they feel taken care of, receive complete trust and autonomy to do their job and can reconcile personal and professional life as they want. Do you want to live the change? Come join Deiser.


Our values and culture

In DEISER, not every way is acceptable to gain profit. We care about how we make our living, and therefore we encourage a human way to interact with customers, suppliers, and /or colleagues. That’s why a single idea guides our day-by-day work: placing people in the center of our decisions.


People + Connections

People and our connections to them are the basis on which we build our business model and our work philosophy. That’s why each person in Deiser strives every day to create and maintain trusting relationships with all the people around them, being customers, applicants, providers, or colleagues.


Autonomy + Responsability

We encourage people’s trust and autonomy. Accordingly, there is a very strong feeling of individual responsibility. Each person owns their job and we everyday give our best trying to improve, without fear of being wrong, providing creative ideas and solutions which are aligned with our mission and objectives.


Integrity + Transparency

Indeed, objectives are important, but the way we reach them is even more important. Doing the right thing not only makes us feel good, but we truly believe it is the only way. The track for transparency is communication. That is why, in Deiser, we make sure that the information is shared with everybody.


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