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The ultimate solution for project tracking in Jira. Ensure a better control of your projects and make data-driven decisions that matter to you and your team.



A solution to export issues from Jira to Excel, PDF, and CSV without losing essential data like comments, transitions, and attachments for each issue.


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Projectrak - Project Tracking for Jira - logo

Project Tracking for Jira

Projectrak is the ultimate Project Tracking solution for Jira. Improve control over your projects and make decisions based on the data that is important to you and your team.

Projectrak Key Features for Data Center & Server

Predefined Fields Projectrak

Predefined fields

Just Plug & Track Projects. The Predefined Fields are a series of preconfigured fields organized within a Layout ready to use after installing Projectrak for Jira Data Center & Server. It will be available for all your projects, new and old, to start tracking the essential project information without further configuration.

Build easy advanced project searches in Jira with Projectrak


The Autocomplete feature will help you build advanced project searches using the Project Query Language (PQL), suggesting how to finishing the grammar of the criteria, operators, and functions faster and easier than ever, improving your project tracking.

Visualize, centralize, and organize your Jira project portfolio information with Projectrak

List View

View your project portfolio in one place. Create new properties for your projects such as their status, delivery date, or priority for better tracking of them. Start making decisions based on important data without leaving Jira.

Atlassian's Partner of the Year 2021: Cloud Migrator

Atlassian's Partner of the Year 2021: Cloud Migrator

DEISER has been awarded as Atlassian Partner of the Year for the Cloud Migrator category for the contribution and achievements of Projectrak during 2021. This includes exceptional compliance with Atlassian Marketplace programs, driving customer cloud migration alongside solid customer support.

Release View Projectrak

Release View

All releases of your products at a glance in a clear timeline-like board, keep your version planning under control, track progress, release on time, and give visibility to stakeholders.  

Gadgets to Track Multiple Jira Projects

Gadgets to Track Multiple Jira Projects

Report from a Jira dashboard for multiple projects using the five Projectrak gadgets to monitor and interact with specific attributes visually, get statistical data, filter by certain fields, make comparative time analysis, and even export project information for better project reporting.

Automation Screen Projectrak

Automation for Jira integration

Automate actions on your issues based on the values of your project properties through the native integration with Automation for Jira app.

Multiple rich text fields | Projectrak

Multiple rich text fields

Text fields are more than just a plain text box. This field offers a wide range of edition capabilities such as inserting tables, highlighting text with different colors, formatting it bold, italic, underlined, and all the formats needed to make texts more dynamic and help you succeed in communicating better while tracking projects.

Getting started with Projectrak


I want to start with the basics


I want to learn how to customize it


I want to learn the most advanced things


I want to know the integrations

Why do you need Projectrak?

Make decisions based on Jira project information from Jira dashboards

Make decisions based on the information that matters

Take advantage of your project data without leaving Jira and improve decision-making based on the data that is important to you and stakeholders.

Customize Jira project level fields with Projectrak

Customize project properties 

Add and customize new properties such as status or priority and standardize the information you want your projects to have to optimize the organization and improve the monitoring of your Jira projects.

Automate email notifications from Jira to keep your team aligned with Projectrak

Improve stakeholder communication 

By customizing the frequency of Projectrak automatic email notifications you will be able to keep all people and teams up to date with the changes that occur in the projects you choose. 

Make bulk changes across multiple Jira projects with Projectrak

Save time performing Bulk Changes for projects

Bulk change, edit or remove any property from your projects in Jira in seconds thanks to Profields Bulk operations feature and start saving time on tedious tasks.

Have an overall look of your project/product releases in Jira with Projectrak

Increase control over your product Rreleases

Thanks to Projectrak's Releases view you will get visibility on all versions of your products from a single view and also easily make changes to their dates.

Automatize problem resolution | Projectrak

Automatize problem resolution

This assistant will guide you through all the possible options when solving any inconvenience with Projectrak. The Integrity Fixer helps you solve problems fast and save time to avoid contacting customer support.

Get pre configured Jira project fields automatically organized when installing Projectrak

Just plug & track projects

Cut to the chase and work efficiently. Get a series of preconfigured project fields and a Layout ready to use right after installing Projectrak, available for all your projects, new and old, which simplify Jira projects' monitoring.

Eeasy manage large Jira instances with different Projectrak features

Flexible management of large Jira instances

Solve constant evolving business challenges, and enable teamwork by forecasting work based on project information customization, allowing almost instant planning resourcing, visibility, and reporting for C-level executives stakeholders.

Start tracking
projects now



Amazing companies that trust Projectrak

Disney uses Projectrak for Jira
National Bank of Canada uses Projectrak for Jira
Bank of America uses Projectrak for Jira
GAP uses Projectrak for Jira
Verizon uses Projectrak for Jira
Cisco uses Projectrak for Jira
Walmart uses Projectrak for Jira

Other key features of Projectrak

Projectrak integrations

Integration makes us stronger

Projectrak natively integrates with some of the best apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, such as eazyBI, Automation for Jira, Exporter for Jira, Elements Connect, Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira, Rich Filters, Custom Charts, Better Excel, and Better PDF Exporter for Jira.

Create Jira workflows that responds to project changes with Projectrak

Workflows based on Projectrak

With Projectrak, you can make the Transitions, Conditions, Post functions, and Validators of Jira's workflows react to changes in project properties, giving you much more control over your entire portfolio.

Export project information from Jira to Excel with Projectrak

Export project data to Excel

Get the most out of your project data in Jira by exporting the data displayed on Projectrak's List View directly to Excel. In a single click, you will get a pre-formatted spreadsheet with the information you choose from your projects.

Projectrak - Project Tracking for Jira - logo


Projectrak is available on the Atlassian Marketplace
for Cloud, Server and Data Center hosting options

DEISER is an Atlassian Marketplace Gold Partner

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