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Project Tracking solution for Jira Cloud

Take control of your projects in Jira Cloud

Projectrak is the ultimate Project Tracking solution for Jira Cloud. Improve control over your projects and make decisions based on the essential data to you and your team.

Atlassian's Partner of the Year 2021: Cloud Migrator
Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner

Projectrak Cloud Key Features

Projectrak Cloud comes with predefined fields

Predefined Fields

Just plug in & start tracking projects. The Projectrak Predefined Fields are a series of preconfigured fields organized within a Layout ready to use after installing it. Save time and follow the project information you need to, without further configuration.

Visualize and Centralize Jira Cloud project information

List View

Visualize your project portfolio in one place. Create new properties for your projects, such as their status, delivery date, or priority, to better track them. Start making decisions based on essential data without leaving Jira.

Projectrak Cloud has an API Public to integrate it with 3rd party apps

Api Integrations

Integrate Projectrak with external parties. Allow other systems to connect by just creating an API Key from Projectrak. Connect it to store outer information into Jira, or extract project information to your management or reporting systems.

Atlassian's Partner of the Year 2021: Cloud Migrator

Atlassian's Partner of the Year 2021: Cloud Migrator

DEISER has been awarded as Atlassian Partner of the Year for the Cloud Migrator category for the contribution and achievements of Projectrak during 2021. This includes exceptional compliance with Atlassian Marketplace programs, driving customer cloud migration alongside solid customer support.

Enriched Text Fields Projectrak Cloud

Rich text fields

Text fields are more than just a plain text box. The new Paragraph fields offer a wide range of edition capabilities such as insert tables, highlight text with different colors, formatting it bold, italic, underlined, and all the formats you might need to make your texts more dynamic and succeed communicating while tracking projects.

Advanced Searches Projectrak Cloud

Advanced searches

Get better searches with an optimized search engine. Perform dynamic user searches with the PQL functions, by different fields, by the lack of them, and by including Jira properties such as the key, URL, and description. Easily find your project information in Jira Cloud.

Gadgets for Jira project reporting

Gadgets for Jira project reporting

Get multiple project reports on a Jira dashboard to track project information based on Projectrak's project property values, using: The Pie Chart gadget to visualize the number of projects about each selected value, and the Two-Dimensional gadget to group project data in two axes and get project statistics for each value combination.

Board View Projectrak Cloud

Board View

Get full visibility of your project portfolio, promote team transparency and enable better project collaboration to maximize efficiency. The Board view allows displaying relevant project data, organizing them as boards, and categorizing them by status, priority, or other fields you need to show.

Clients that trust us

Disney is a Projectrak for Jira customer
The National Bank of Canada is a Projectrak customer
Bank of America is a Projectrak Cloud customer
GAP is a Projectrak Cloud customer
Verizon is a Projectrak Cloud customer
Cisco is a Projectrak Cloud customer
Waltmart is a Projectrak customer

Why do you need Projectrak for Jira Cloud?

Customize Jira project data with Projectrak Cloud

Customized Project Properties 

Add and customize new properties such as status or priority and standardize the information you want your projects to have to optimize the organization and improve the monitoring of your Jira projects.

Manage large Jira instances with Projectrak Cloud

Flexible Management of Large Jira Instances

Solve constant evolving business challenges, and enable teamwork by forecasting work based on project information customization, allowing almost instant planning resourcing, visibility, and reporting for C-level executives stakeholders.

Project search views | Projectrak

Project search views

Save specific project searches based on your standards and the current view, this will help you save time when looking up recurrent searches when using the Views feature.

Watch project changes | Projectrak

Watch project changes

Get in the loop, and keep track of project changes with the Watch projects feature. Receive email notifications to your inbox every time a change happens within any of your project data.

History changes | Projectrak

History changes

Supervise historical changes across your projects. The History feature allows to conduct project portfolio audits and establish project data traceability for Enterprise environments to not miss any change.

Other key features of Projectrak for Jira Cloud

Projectrak Cloud integrates with eazyBI for better Jira project reporting

eazyBI Integration

Make better decisions based on the information that matters. Make Projectrak a project data source for eazyBI so you can create and customize advanced reports on your Jira projects.

Dashboard Hub gadgets fed with project information from Projectrak for Jira Cloud

Create and easily share Jira Dashboards for projects

Pull project-level information from Projectrak into Dashboard Hub's dashboards using a PQL Custom Chart gadget that will allow you to display and share the data as dashboards with other peers across your organization and beyond. Use a customizable permissions scheme and the report templates for ITSM, DevOps, and more.

Projectrak is integrated with Power BI connectors and others

Export Jira project data to third party software

Does your company use, besides Jira, other software tools to create reports? Integrating Projectrak with DOIT-BI apps allows building compelling project reports in Power BI, Tableau, and Google Data Studio with Jira project information, without further efforts beyond choosing the right type of reports in those third-party tools.

App Permissions and Security Projectrak Cloud

App permissions and security

Security is important. Set up from Jira permissions schemes, the Projectrak permissions so you can choose who sees and edits the project values. More flexibility to complex Jira instances.

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