We produce results by bringing together objectives, people, processes, and tools.

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We simplify project management, enhance team collaboration, and increase productivity.

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We keep your Atlassian tools available and easy to use with reliable technical support.

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Flexible licensing options to access the features you need in your Atlassian tools.

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Take control of your projects in Jira.

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Export Jira issues safely without losing data.

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Project budget management and cost tracking for Jira.

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Customer sentiment and emotion analysis.

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About us

We help companies grow with Atlassian in a sustainable way.

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More than 20 years finding the best software solutions for all teams.

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Join Deiser

We are building a great team of professionals. Do you want to join us?

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Learn, network, and engage with industry leaders and Atlassian ecosystem components.

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"Por las nubes de Atlassian": All the things surrounding Atlassian Cloud in Spanish.

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Enrich your knowledge about Atlassian products and our Marketplace apps.

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Helping companies grow with Atlassian

There is usually a way to address the technological needs of customers that can satisfy both sides. In our case, the instrument we use for this is Atlassian, their products, the apps from their marketplace and those we develop ourselves. That is the tool which serves us to prove a collaboration model truly successful for all parties: customers, employees, providers and associates / shareholders. And the result of this model is the complete satisfaction for everybody.

Our 25-year history

Back at 1998, Deiser was one more technology company struggling to carry out its activity in the best possible way, but lacking a clear identity, mission or concrete values. The company’s -its associates’- DNA was to do the best possible job within a too wide variety of activities, some of them diluting each other. There were too many things in scope to do them well. The irruption of Agile, the arrival of Jira (and Atlassian) to Deiser, and the need to reinvent ourselves as a company in the middle of the world crisis of 2007-2012 showed us the way.  Keep reading...

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Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner
Atlassian ITSM Specialized
Atlassian Cloud Specialized

Our values and culture

In Deiser, not every way is acceptable to gain profit. We care about how we make our living, and therefore we encourage a human way to interact with customers, suppliers, and /or colleagues. That’s why a single idea guides our day-by-day work: placing people in the center of our decisions.

At Deiser we value people and connections

People + Connections

People and our connections to them are the basis on which we build our business model and work philosophy. That’s why each person in Deiser strives every day to create and maintain trusting relationships with all the people around them, whether customers, applicants, providers, or colleagues.

Autonomy and responsability are key for Deiser

Autonomy + Responsability

We encourage people’s trust and autonomy. Accordingly, there is a very strong feeling of individual responsibility. Each person owns their job and we everyday give our best trying to improve, without fear of being wrong, providing creative ideas and solutions which are aligned with our mission and objectives.

Integrity and transparency are a must for Deiser

Integrity + Transparency

Indeed, objectives are important, but the way we reach them is even more. Doing the right thing not only makes us feel good, but we genuinely believe it is the only way. The track for transparency is communication. That is why, in Deiser, we ensure that the information is shared with everybody.

Deiser has been
recognized as a Company Culture advocate by Nailted

Company Culture Advocate Certification

Obtaining the Nailted badge “company culture advocate” goes along with creating a culture that everyone wants to belong to - in other words, it means putting people first.

Deiser pledge one percent

Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a global initiative that encourages and inspires companies of every size to donate 1% of their time, products, benefits, and/or capital to any non-profit organization. More than 10.000 companies in 100 countries have joined Pledge 1%, Deiser among them.