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We help companies grow with Atlassian in a sustainable way.

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More than 20 years finding the best software solutions for all teams.

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Deiser History

Our history

1998 - 2024

Our 25-year history

Back in 1998, Deiser was one more technology company struggling to carry out its activity in the best possible way, but lacking a clear identity, mission, or concrete values. The company’s -its associates’- DNA was to do the best possible job within a too wide variety of activities, some of them diluting each other. There were too many things in scope to do them well. The irruption of Agile, the arrival of Jira (and Atlassian) to Deiser, and the need to reinvent ourselves as a company in the middle of the world crisis of 2007-2012 showed us the way.

Deiser 25th anniversary

The mission was the same, helping companies work better, technologically speaking, but with a much clearer and motivating vision: Focusing more than ever in people inside, at Deiser, and outside, at our customers and providers. Developing a strong and reliable set of values, and establishing the red lines beyond which we could not offer the desired quality or enough value to our customers—doing our very best for all people at Deiser, our customers, our providers, and associates, to enjoy our job. Delivering value in each and every one of the working hours of our teams focused on their customers to help them.

We were offering the best services, the best conditions for the purchase of Atlassian products, and the best Apps for Jira to be even more powerful and valuable for companies.

As Deiser associates, we want to continuously transmit to everybody passing by the company the importance of the way to reaching our economic results. Not everything is acceptable to earn profits, even though they are, obviously, one of our main aims –taking into account that they are the basis for the consolidation and growth of the company-. These profits must be the result of how our activity is carried out, even more than our activity itself.

We have been doing our very best during the past years to become an example for many companies that it is possible to develop our enterprise activity by trusting people, encouraging decentralized decision-making, and avoiding continuous and asphyxiating participation of CEOs, associates or general directors in the day-by-day activity of the company. Showing that some projects and services can be rejected, that they should not be undertaken, that they are toxic, will not produce the desired results or, simply, they are not even viable in a medium- to long-term.

We pursue scalability and sustainability for the company –and extensively for the ecosystem and the technological sector- and its results by means of controlled growth and balance among the business areas, allowing us to pivot and develop our activity rapidly and with flexibility, if needed. We want to reach all the achievements we can, we want to enjoy them and let all the people at Deiser enjoy them too, but we want to do it without being blinded by the greed of business results understood as a goal themselves. We do not aim at being the biggest, and we aim at being the best.

Nowadays, we are immersed in a new challenge, one where customers are our center –as they always have been-, our focus, even more, if possible. Customers in the broadest sense; the applicants to our job vacancies, the people being part of Deiser today, the companies requesting services, and Atlassian licenses; those who buy Projectrak to reinforce the tracking of their projects in their Jira instance… They all have the right to receive the best possible experience. And we have embarked on an ambitious project to have the most appropriate people in each area. In a few words, "having the appropriate people, in the appropriate environment, making the appropriate activities". And all of this having an objective above any other:

"Customers, nowadays, are not only expecting a good product or service –that is taken for granted-; they expect an experience that makes their job/life more comfortable and easy too. They expect not to be frictions; they expect to be helped; they expect to receive friendly and transparent treatment and expect to receive value even before deciding whether to work with us or not. We seek to wake up every day thinking how to do our bit to produce that feeling in our customers, how to achieve their expectancies about our services and products, and succeeding in making that the value we share at Deiser and our key differentiation."

We will keep seeking untiringly that differentiated experience, that surprising service, that differentiating product, or that gesture that gives us goosebumps.

We will continue to keep pursuing those moments with our customers, and we hope that, once again, it is that way. Thank you all who are helping us to achieve that!



Guillermo Montoya


Executive President