Each service in our offer will help you solve specific requirements using tools like Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Opsgenie, Trello, or others. Find the option best suits your corporate needs.

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Get tech expert consulting based on agile, scalable methodologies for enterprises focused on IT service management, DevOps practices, and any other solution you need to enhance or implement for your business.

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The ultimate solution for project tracking in Jira. Ensure a better control of your projects and make data-driven decisions that matter to you and your team.


A solution to export issues from Jira to Excel, PDF, and CSV without losing essential data like comments, transitions, and attachments for each issue.


We help companies grow with Atlassian in a sustainable way.

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More than 20 years finding the best software solutions for all teams.

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We are building a great team of professionals. Do you want to join us?

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Join our Partners program and make your business grow.

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Learn, network, and engage with industry leaders and Atlassian ecosystem components.

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"Un paseo por las nubes de Atlassian": All the things surrounding Atlassian Cloud in Spanish.

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Enrich your knowledge about Atlassian products and our Marketplace apps.

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Atlassian Platinum Solution Enterprise

Atlassian Solutions

Each solution we offer will help you solve a specific requirement using tools like Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Opsgenie, Trello, or others. Find out which option best suits your needs.

Atlassian Services | DEISER
Licensing | Atlassian Services


We simplify the management and administration of Atlassian product licenses.

ROI is also about how easy or difficult it is for a purchasing department to manage software licenses and their maintenance, and Atlassian is no exception. We are aware of how complicated this task can be.

For this reason, at DEISER, we have a specialized team dedicated to avoiding headaches and saving money whenever possible for our clients in everything related to Atlassian license management.

As your trusted advisor, our team works closely and proactively with your purchasing departments while liaising directly with Atlassian. Purchases, renewals, upgrades, co-terming, etc. All of his, without complications, so you can focus on your business.

Technical assistance | Atlassian Services

Technical assistance

We provide technical support adding value at every step of your Atlassian journey.

Our team of Atlassian Certified Professionals provides technical assistance on short or long-term projects related to Atlassian products, technologies, and methods involved, such as ITSM, Agile, DevOps, and more.

DEISER helps you in any phase or process involving Atlassian products and apps from its Marketplace, delivering all our expertise at your disposal: from managing a Jira instance to a complex configuration, custom developments, third-party integrations, or full deployments. We approach every service with total investment, providing value and results at every step of your journey.

Cloud Migration | Atlassian Services

Cloud migration

Successfully overcome the challenge of moving Atlassian products to the cloud.

Gain business agility while lowering overall IT costs, improving equipment performance, strengthening security, and lightening your maintenance burden. With Atlassian's Server approaching the end of life and the benefits of today's new digital business infrastructure standard, it's no coincidence that most existing and new Atlassian customers are choosing the cloud.

We know how difficult it is for technology leaders of companies to find the right option. DEISER guides them and their IT teams to choose the most suitable for them and address the entire process, from initial assessment to migration, onboarding of users, and subsequent support.

Custom-made Development | Atlassian Services

Custom-made development

We develop new features in Jira tailored to your organization's needs.

When Jira and the associated apps do not cover 100% of the functionality that the organization needs, it’s critical to rely on a trusted advisor to develop these solutions with guarantees and to deliver on time not to affect the return of investment.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals certified by Atlassian is also specialized in developing specific features for Jira. Capable of dealing with a simple script, the development of a complete custom App, or an integration with other platforms.

As a Gold Marketplace Partner, we have developed and marketed three apps for Jira since 2010: this knowledge is shared between our teams. This advantage added to the application of an agile development project plan focused on delivering value and results guarantees timely and error-free deliveries of our custom developments.

Amazing companies who trust our services

Allfunds Bank
Foot Locker
Implementations | Atlassian Services


Atlassian implementations that will turn your investment into immediate results.

We are aware that by investing in a platform like Atlassian, tangible results must be tangible for all interested parties to achieve business goals and increase ROI.

DEISER's accumulated experience implementing Atlassian products and associated apps since 2011 provides our clients with the best technological solutions. We provide other teams with the functionalities they need and therefore demonstrate the value of their investment.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise, our team will be by your side in every step of the process, putting into practice our proven agile project plan while prioritizing the achievement of results and the creation of value in each technical decision so that the implementation is a success for you and your organization.

Assessments | Atlassian Services


We carry out technical and functional evaluations on Atlassian product implementation.

As Platinum Solution Partners Enterprise, we assess at a technical and functional level the viability of the scope of your needs with Atlassian products and the processes involved, identifying weaknesses, risks, areas for improvement, and strengths.

We will deliver an exhaustive report providing the strategy your organization needs to follow to guarantee growth and efficiency for the future, optimizing resources and budget; in short, obtaining more value from your investment and increasing the ROI.

Training | Atlassian Services


Train to master Atlassian products in theory, but above all, in practice.

An Atlassian implementation project can only be considered a success when users understand its functionalities and take full advantage of them to increase their productivity, obtaining the maximum from their investment.

Our team of certified Atlassian consultants oversees the teaching of the courses and training programs. Our team are people who have faced dozens of real scenarios; therefore, the focus is not on simply teaching theory but on how to translate it into practice and the concrete solution that our client has implemented. We go straight to the point, to what generates tangible value and productivity.

Whether they are courses for users who have never seen Jira or Confluence, for administrators and people who want to get an official Atlassian certification, or complete training programs for large teams, we design each case by adapting it to the needs of our clients and the reality that users will encounter with Atlassian products.

Support | Atlassian Services


We offer fast response times backed by SLAs tailored to your needs.

Our support team provides IT teams with the required help. We are certified Atlassian professionals who will take care of solving problems, changes, and internal requests related to Atlassian products, in a short time, based on SLAs, therefore freeing IT teams from extra pressure so they can focus on what's essential to the business.

Hiring our standard support service for Jira and Atlassian prevents the resolution of daily support incidents from becoming too much of a burden on time and resources, detracting from the investment in Atlassian.

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"Un paseo por las nubes de Atlassian": All the things surrounding Atlassian Cloud in Spanish.

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