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Cloud Migration Hub

We help you in the Atlassian Cloud migration process

Atlassian Cloud Migration Hub | Deiser

The Atlassian Cloud migration is here, and Server instances are no longer officially supported by Atlassian. While you can continue to use that deployment option indefinitely, their performance will degrade as they become less and less functional. You are on time to fix it! At Deiser, we guide you on the migration to Atlassian Cloud, adjusting the timeline so that the entire migration process (at least the most important) is in place as you need it.

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Why do you need to migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

It's not about migrating to cloud or not, it's about migrating as soon as possible because:

Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)

Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)

Improves tooling security

Improves tooling security

Eliminates maintenance and version upgrades

Eliminates maintenance and version upgrades

Increases business agility

Increases business agility

Facilitates working from anywhere

Facilitates working from anywhere


How does Deiser Help you migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

1. Assess

2. Plan

3. Prepare

4. Test

5. Migrate

6. Launch

Preparation for the environment by taking stock of all the Atlassian tools in the ecosystem (including apps, integrations, and customizations) to understand the complexity and effort required to migrate to Atlassian Cloud.


Start planning the technical and operational aspects of migrating to Atlassian Cloud: strategy, method, timeline, details, and risks.


Data cleanse and creation of a communication plan to keep users and key stakeholders updated about the migration milestones.


Testing the migration to Atlassian Cloud is vital to ensure the process will run smoothly. It also brings an opportunity to identify issues or roadblocks to meeting the timeline scheduled.


It's time! Now is the chance to solve last-minute issues and complete the migration process by moving your instance to Atlassian Cloud.


Once the migration to Atlassian Cloud is completed, it's time to onboard users and resolve any post-migration issues or questions.


Are you worried about migrating to the Atlassian Cloud?

At Deiser, we have the mission to successfully assist you in completing the migration phases proposed by Atlassian, adapted to any framework you need (ITSM, DevOps, Agile...). We are here to help you achieve it!

How to determine your Atlassian Cloud migration complexity?

No Atlassian Cloud migration is the same. However, three factors mainly contribute to its complexity:

  • Integrations with Non-Atlassian products
  • REST calls o extensive API uses
  • User installed apps
  • User count
  • Number of projects, spaces, repos...
  • Count of issues, pages, repos...
  • Identity and access management
  • Number of objects:
    • Custom fields, workflows, issues...
    • Types, blueprints, commits, pull requests...
    • User-created blueprints
  • Count of products and instances

Do you need to migrate Projectrak and Exporter to Jira Cloud?

Are you migrating to Jira Cloud? We've got you covered! If you are a user of any of our apps, Projectrak and Exporter, follow the migration pathway below and watch the 4th episode of our videoblog, The Deiser Connection, where we explain it in detail.

Atlassian's Partner of the Year 2021: Cloud Migrator

Atlassian's Partner of the Year 2021: Cloud Migrator

DEISER has been awarded as Atlassian Partner of the Year for the Cloud Migrator category for the contribution and achievements of Projectrak during 2021. This includes exceptional compliance with Atlassian Marketplace programs, driving customer cloud migration alongside solid customer support.


Are you looking to migrate to Atlassian Cloud smoothly? Look no further! We have compiled a series of resources to help and guide you through each phase of the migration process with expertise and care.


What is Atlassian Cloud Data Residency?

What is Atlassian Cloud Data Residency?

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Estimating Atlassian Cloud migration costs

Estimating Atlassian Cloud migration costs

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Atlassian Cloud migration planning

Atlassian Cloud migration planning

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Data migration strategies and methods to Atlassian Cloud

Data migration strategies and methods to Atlassian Cloud

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What ChatGPT says about Atlassian Cloud

What ChatGPT says about Atlassian Cloud

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Considerations migrating to Jira Cloud with an expired Server license

Considerations migrating to Jira Cloud with an expired Server license

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Deiser supports you in your migration to Atlassian Cloud

Feel free to contact us. We will respond quickly and, don't worry, we will respect your privacy above all.