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Discover how easy it is to export thousands of issues in Jira Cloud, in our step-by-step guide

1. Select Issues & Columns

From Jira's 'Search for Issues' option, select the issues you want to export; for this, use previously saved filters or perform a new search. Just ensure you will add or remove the columns according to your exporting needs. Click on the Exporter app button and confirm these are the issues you need to export. With Exporter, you get to select thousands of issues to export at a time.

2. Select the format

Once the issue export has been confirmed in Exporter, it's time to select the format: Excel or CSV (for this last format, it's possible to choose the delimiter you want). Additionally, the "Link to issue" option allows bulk linking up to 300 issues to another Jira issue which can be an existing or new one.

3. Select the extra content

Besides exporting the columns' issue data as we did on the first step, Exporter also allows to export extra information from the issues to Excel and CSV formats: you can export the comments and transitions (only to Excel) from each issue. On the other hand, this feature is not available for the "Link to issue" option.

4. Choose when

At this point, decide when to export your Jira issues; click over the appropriate button depending on if you want to export now or if you're going to schedule it for later. If you choose to export now, it will take seconds to generate the file with the exported data and download it. Please note, the downloading time may vary depending on the number of issues and the extra content selected.

5. Scheduling the export

*To perform this action, your Jira administrator needs to previously configure your email server with Exporter for Jira.
If you choose to schedule the export, you just set frequency, email address, and time zone to receive an email with the desired recurrence. This email will contain a link to download the file with the exported data. You can also edit the settings for saved scheduled exports at any time from Jira's 'Apps' menu option.

Watch a video example for each export format

By clicking on any of the formats below we will show you a complete video example so that you can see how easy it is to export Jira issues with Exporter.


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