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Customize your project data screen layout

Learn how to customize in a screen layout the information you want to share about your projects and how you want to display it on the screen in four steps. Click 'Get Started' for a step-by-step explanation, or click on the video to view a comprehensive summary.

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Predefined fields

Step 1. Create your project data fields

Create custom information fields for your projects, there are up to eleven types that will allow you to track your projects with information that is relevant to you, these can be of type list, status, priority, text, date, numeric, user, project, group, accumulated or Script. Click on the video to see the whole process before continuing to step 2.

Predefined fields

Step 2. Customize your screen layout

The moment has come! Decide, according to your needs, how to organize the project information fields that you created in the previous step on the screen: group and order the fields in containers and distribute them between sections, when you finish that, give the layout a name and save it before continuing to step 3.

Predefined fields

Step 3. Associate the layout to your projects

Associate the layout you just designed to all the projects you want to contain the information structure you have created, so you can start feeding the fields you created in step 1 with relevant information for you, your team, and your collaborators. Continue to Step 4 to finish customizing your projects with Projectrak.

Predefined fields

Step 4. Set the layout 'by default'

If you wish, to save time you can set the layout "by default" for any of the three project types that Jira offers: Service Desk, Business or Software, so you will not have to assign the layout every time you create a project. After this, you already know how to customize fields and layouts with Projectrak, but you can still learn how to get the most out of it.

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