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Perform bulk changes to my projects

Make bulk updates of all your projects: roles, components, category or associated layout. Besides, if you are a Jira Admin, you can carry out massive deletions of information.

Predefined fields
First steps with Projectrak | Bulk Operations

Save a lot of time with bulk operations

Choose the operation

Make mass updates of fields, roles, project leader, Layout, category, components, or delete projects. To take these operations to action will depend on the user role.

Configure the action

Select the type of action to execute; for example, if you need to update roles, decide whether to add users, clean up the roles or remove users from the roles.

Confirm and execute the bulk operation

Executing any action might take some time. It will depend on how many projects you have chosen and which type of Bulk Operation. You will see the progress and result.
Projectrak Documentation

Projectrak Documentation

Projectrak documentation will help you understand and find the most effective and fastest way to use all its capabilities.

Projectrak Support

Projectrak Support

We love to help. Do you have any problems or doubts with Projectrak? Raise a ticket, and we will get back to you asap.